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5star hands

David Thorpe

a) One ball

1 passes to 2 with his right hand, 2 catches and passes back with his left hand. Continue, then switch hands.
Brenda Frese - use a tennis ball.

Progression - 1 and 2 slide to halfcourt while passing, switch hands and come back.

Catch and slap - catch with one hand, bring the ball in front, slap it with the other hand, progress to the passer making the receiver move his feet on the catch.
David Faucher - a) soft hands - with a partner, players catch (and pass) a ball with one hand, b) bad pass - coach throws hard underhand or overhand passes that are too low, too high, or too far to one side, c) anticipating the pass - receivers have their back to the ball, turn around when the passer makes a call and then passes.

b) Two balls

Stationary one-hand passes, then on the move.
See Post play - Duke pairs 2-ball passing, Passing - Baker drills.

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