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Post play
One-hand catches


4 has to catch the ball with one hand. If coach throws a bad pass, 4 moves to catch it "with his feet" (to avoid deflections, even where post players show a target hand away from the defender, they should jump behind the ball to catch it).

Variation - with both hands, catch and chin all passes.
Brenda Frese - bad passes - 4 is in the lane facing the basket, turns quickly when coach makes a call, and finds the ball, posts have to be able to catch bad passes. Can work two bigs at the same time (passer on each wing), then catch in traffic with defenders on their back (good or bad passes). To develop hands, in pairs do tennis-ball tosses one side (left hand to right hand) then the other side.

David Faucher - a) bad pass - coach throws hard underhand or overhand passes that are too low, too high, or too far to one side, b) anticipating the pass - receivers have their back to the ball, turn around when the passer makes a call and then passes.

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