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Baker drills

George Karl
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Players pair up.

Variation - solo passing drills against a wall.

See Passing - Ganon Baker solo one-ball, solo two-ball.

1) One ball

Facing each other, 1 chest passes to 2's right hand, 2 receives the ball with his right hand, dribbles once, and passes back with his right hand, continue then 1 and 2 switch, progressions,

- left-hand
- two dribbles, pass
- one dribble, crossover dribble, pass with the other hand.

See Passing - Partner (Basketball New South Wales).

2) Two balls

a) Scoop passes

Alternate underhand scoop passes (right hand to left hand, left hand to right hand), progressions

- one dribble between passes, using only one hand,
- two dribbles between passes, using only one hand.

Scoop passes should be low and quick, not loopy and slow.

b) Air (push) passes

Alternate passes from shoulder level, progressions

- one dribble, using only one hand,
- two dribbles, using only one hand
- air pass with the left hand, receive with right hand, one dribble, crossover dribble, air pass with the left hand, continue, switch to pass with the right hand and receive with the left hand.
(Option - start with left-hand push passes, no dribbling)

Dave Malowski

- alternating push passes, then moving forward-backward from sideline to sideline and back
- same-time push passes, then while moving
- one right-hand dribble, right-hand pass off the dribble, catch with both hands, left-hand dribble and pass, continue, progression - while moving.

c) Behind the back passes

1 faces halfcourt, 2 faces the baseline, both players make behind the back bounce passes with their right hand.

(Progression - to pass with the left hand, have 1 face the baseline and 2 face halfcourt)

See Rebounding - 5star hands, Post play - Duke pairs 2-ball passing, Passing - Ganon Baker partner, Jr. NBA - Passing.up

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