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Ganon Baker solo one-ball

Ganon Baker

Jason Kidd series - one-hand passing off the dribble

Facing a wall with one ball
- push pass, two-hand catch (continue, switch hands)
- bounce push pass
- one-hand pass and catch, no dribble
- one-hand dribble, pass and catch
- one-hand bounce pass and catch
- one-hand dribble, bounce pass, catch
- one-hand pass and catch, alternate hands
- add a one-hand dribble
- figure 8 - right-left, left-right between the legs then right-hand shovel pass, catch with the right hand
- left-right, right-left figure 8, left-hand shovel.

Jason Williams series - behind the back

Perpendicular to the wall
- behind the back pass, two-hand catch
- pass and catch with the same hand
- face the other direction, use the other hand
- one-dribble then behind the back (same hand), two-hand catch then same-hand catch
- one-hand bounce pass (in front), two-hand catch, then one-hand catch, then add same-hand dribble.

Facing the wall
- behind the back passing alternate hands (rotate the hips), two-hand then one-hand catch
- add one dribble
- bounce pass.

Passing on the move

- perpendicular to the wall, take one dribble on the move with the outside hand, pass across the body with the same hand, two-hand catch, repeat going the other direction with the other hand
- one-hand catch (other hand)
- behind the back, two-hand catch.

Steve Nash series

Facing the wall (shovel passes)
- one-hand shovel pass and catch
- add a same-hand dribble
- alternate one-hand shovel passes.

Perpendicular to the wall
- kick pass with the inside hand (two hands on the ball), two-hand catch, then add a dribble
- one dribble, kick pass and catch, all inside-hand.

On the move
- one-dribble inside-hand, kick pass, two-hand catch
- one-dribble outside hand, shovel pass across the body
- one dribble outside hand, between the legs bounce pass.

Against pressure

Facing the wall
- hook pass - step low and long forward and outside with the right foot, right-hand pass
- hook pass left foot, left-hand pass
- sweep left, crossover with the right foot, left-hand pass
- sweep right, crossover with the left foot, right-hand pass
- hook pivot and sweep pivot, bounce pass
- second pivot - sweep then forward pivot back to the starting position (one motion back)
- Iverson pivot - reverse pivot (drop step, one motion) on the left foot, left-hand pass
- Iverson pivot on the right foot, right-hand pass
- Iverson pivot, bounce pass
- Iverson pivot then reverse pivot (or forward pivot) back to the starting position, pass.
Damin Altizer - Steve Nash uses his feet to create passing opportunities, e.g.
- step thru, pass high or low, counter - spin to the other side
- step outside
- give the defender a haircut (by his ear).
Augie Johnson - handle passing - facing the wall, pound dribble, make a double move, one-hand bounce pass to the wall, catch with the same hand, continue. Double moves - between-between, between-behind, cross-between.
Steph Curry progressive crossovers - with a wall or partner, cross-between-behind, one-hand pass (bounce off the wall), repeat on the other side, progressions - 2-3-4 of each move, see YouTube video - Steph Curry warm-up (Augie Johnston - bounce pass to the wall).

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