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Press break
Hofstra pivot

Tom Pecora
FIBA Assist, issue 36

Groups of two players with one ball per pair. The first player in each pair
- pivots with the ball for 4 seconds, ripping the ball below his knees, tucking it back, and ripping it across his body
- dribbles for 4 seconds, alternating hands and protecting the ball
- picks up the dribble and pivots again for 4 seconds, then steps and passes to his partner, first making a pass fake.

Partner repeats the drill, which simulates the total amount of time that an attacker can have possession of the ball without being called for a 5-second violation under US rules.

Fake a pass to make a pass. Fake over the top to throw a bounce pass, or fake a bounce pass to throw over the top. If a good ballhandler makes a high ball fake and a defender reaches up to try for a deflection, drive the ball right by the defender (if he goes high, I go by).
Keith Holubesko (5Star) - 1 uses 4-4-4 seconds, feeds 2 in the low post and relocates to get the ball back.
See Drew Hanlen - 12-second drill.
See Passing - Tauer partner, Footwork - Ball tough.

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