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Ball tough


Players need to be able to face the basket, protect the ball, and drive by a defender who is too tight.

Never hold the ball in the "forbidden zone" (in front of the torso), the ball should be held off either shoulder or hip, and moved between these four positions when being pressured. Sweep [rip] the ball high (shoulder to shoulder, over the head) and sweep low (hip to hip, below the knees), when combined with pivoting the ball should never be tied up by a single defender.

Use a space pivot to create space by forcing the defender to back away, take the ball over head, front pivot and step between the feet of the defender, drop down to get the near shoulder into his chest, bring the ball down above the knee of the pivot foot, then aggressively reverse pivot, sweep the ball below the knees and finish with the ball outside the knee of the free foot.

Start with two players,

1. Defender X1 tosses a ball to 1, calls "ball, ball, ball" several times and waves his arms, 1 stays in triple threat, protecting the ball (shown).

2. The same except X1 closes out to within one step of 1.

3. As soon as X1 gets within one step, from triple threat 1 drives by shoulder to hip to the basket (the defender lets him go).

4. X1 gets very close and tries to knock the ball away without fouling, 1 keeps his eyes on the rim, stays low and pivots (switch after 5 seconds).

5. X1 has 5 seconds to get the ball, 1 will be fouled.

6. X1 plays very tight, 1 drives to the basket any time there is an advantage (the defender is reaching and out of position), go tight by the defender, don't give any angle of recovery.

See Footwork - 1 on 1 pivot, Dave Smart first step, Static pivoting and moves, Passing - Tauer partner, also Press break - Hofstra pivot.

Progress to three players, add receiver 2,

7. X1 tries to strip the ball from 1 without excessive fouling, 1 protects the ball using a front pivot and sweeping the ball, when coach calls "go", 2 either puts up his hands for an immediate pass, or cuts out to the wing and 1 attacks the basket (shown).

8. 1 passes to 2 on "go" then cuts and tries to get the ball back to score.

See Passing - Pressure passing into the post, Tauer monkey in the middle, Footwork - Live-ball moves.up

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