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Pressure passing into the post



Start with 1 and X1 both holding the ball, then 1 rips the ball away by stepping between X1's feet, getting his right shoulder over the ball, and ripping the ball to the left hip. Then 1 sweeps the ball below the knees from left hip to right hip, and from the right hip to right shoulder (up and down the elevator). As 1 moves the ball from right to left and back, the ball should not pass in front of the torso ("the forbidden zone") - it should be taken below the knees or over the head aggressively and usually with a pivot. X1 pressures the ball. After 3-5 seconds, 1 passes through the pressure to 2 and cuts to the basket for a return pass and layup. Rotate 1 to 2 to X1. 1 should keep the pass tight to the defender in one of the five passing lanes - above the head, by the ears, or off the hips.
Rick Torbett and Mike Bibby - 2 can make a drop bounce pass to 1 off his inside hip, or a late pass turning baseline side. Throw away from the defender when feeding the post. If 2 is defended high side, look to pass to the corner, or 1 can clear the corner out and drive baseline, the post defender can't help. If 2 is fronted, a lob pass has to be perfect, swing the ball up top if there is no lob.
See Footwork - Ball tough, Passing - Tauer monkey in the middle.

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