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Tauer monkey in the middle

John Tauer

Two passers face each other on the lane lines, how many times can the defender tip the ball in 30 seconds, then switch players. Passers should pass fake every time. Offence has to make defence better, and vice versa.

Ray Lokar - optionally allow only chest, bounce and wrap-around passes, no overhead passes. A bounce pass should be waist-to-waist.
Bobby Knight - keep away - a great drill for practicing feeds into the post, passers are 12 feet apart, pass fake, the defender goes back and forth trying to get a hand on the ball, rotate players on "change".

Mike MacKay - the defender dribbles a ball, and can change hands, progression - the passer also dribbles.

See Passing - Bigelow partner, Ganon Baker door drill, Press break - Duke man in the middle, Defending - Michael Holton closeouts.

This can be done from the post and wing, more game-like.

See Passing - Pressure passing into the post.

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