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Michael Holton closeouts

Herb Brown

Defender X2 passes to 3 then closes out, stays in stance, and traces the ball as 3 moves it around and fakes passes.

On coach's signal, 3 passes to 4, X2 closes out, pressures and traces the ball. Go 3-4 times (about 30 seconds) then switch.

Bill Self

2 on 1 passing, X2 traces the ball and tries to discourage the pass, when 3 passes to 4, 3 follows his pass, closes out with thumbs in his ears or hands high, chopping his feet, then getting into proper guarding position. Go for 45-60 seconds.

Lute Olson

3 and 4 are about 15 feet apart. X2 pressures the ball, the passer has two seconds to pass. X2 drop steps in the direction of the pass (e.g., drop steps his left foot on a pass over his left shoulder) then closes out - sprint, hands up on the last two slides, no pass right by his ear. X2 gets a point for every deflection (each time he touches the ball), go for 45 seconds then change defenders. Passers should throw the ball where the defender's hands aren't, e.g., with high hands, fake high, bounce pass. The winner gets a drink of water, second place does 5 push-ups, last place does 10. Option - managers have extra balls and chase down balls deflected out of play

See Press break - Duke man in the middle, Passing - Ganon Baker door drill.

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