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Duke man in the middle

Coach K

1 and 2 pass back and forth, X3 pressures the ballhandler, who needs to establish a good pivot foot, use pass fakes, and can dribble but only once to improve a passing angle. If X3 touches the ball, the passer goes in the middle.

Tom Pecora - 1 and 2 are about 12-15 feet apart, the defender runs at the ballhandler and changes places on a deflection or steal. The ballhandler works on faking a pass to make a pass, and creating proper passing angles when he steps and throws around the defender.
Basketball Australia - 1 and 2 are stationary, they can't dribble. The player in the middle should drop step in the direction of the pass.

FIBA Europe - Fox in the ring - three players stand around one of the jump circles passing to each other, a player inside tries to touch the ball, then changes places with the outside player who last touched the ball. Limit the time or number of passes. Variations - different distances, the number of offensive and defensive players.

See Passing - Ganon Baker door drill, Tauer monkey in the middle, Bigelow partner.

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