Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Static pivoting and moves

Players face coach, each with a ball. Spin a self pass, catch, jump stop in triple threat. Work on pivoting and live-ball moves without dribbling (or take one dribble on the spot), then step back to triple threat after each move. Coach demonstrates, can do each move with the group, then calls out the moves. For a right-handed player:

- reverse and forward pivot on the permanent (left) pivot foot (on a forward pivot, rip high or sweep low, check back to triple threat)
- blast step (right), crossover step (left), long and low
- upfake (shot fake), blast (letter C with the ball)
- upfake, crossover (letter J)
- jab step
- jab-blast. jab-crossover, jab-shoot (and catch, in the air or off a bounce)
- jab-upfake-blast, jab-upfake-crossover, jab-upfake-shoot (rocker step)
- sweep left, blast
- sweep right, crossover
- sweep right and jab, crossover
- step-off (long hard jab, step back), shot
- step-off, upfake, blast (or crossover)
- space-maker - step between defender's legs, reverse pivot back to triple threat (sweep below the knees and/or take the ball overhead).


- pivot on the other foot
- take one dribble going forward, see Ganon Baker jump stop series, with a left pivot foot, direct drive footwork going right is R-L-R or R-L-jump stop, crossover footwork going left is R-L-R, R-L (e.g., if close), R-jump stop, or R-L-jump stop.


- coach has his back to the players, easier to mimic his moves
- players are circled around coach in the middle.
Augie Johnston - crotch-watch - you're getting a lot of pressure, can't really jab step, have to get your defender off. Turn sideways from triple threat, take a big step between his legs, push him back, step back, now you have space, but have to be quick, e.g., attack, shoot.
See Jr. NBA - Offence.

Basketball Australia

Players execute shot fakes, drive fakes, onside and crossover moves as instructed by coach. Increase the complexity,

- drive fake and drive
- drive fake and crossover
- drive fake and shot
- shot fake and drive
- shot fake and crossover
- shot fake and shot.

These can be practiced without moving anywhere, e.g., drive fake, take a big onside step and dribble, but keep the pivot foot on the ground, helping to emphasize not travelling.

A drive fake is a short step (about 20 cm) at or just outside the nearest foot of the defender. To sell it, look in the direction of the fake and move the ball outside the knee on the side of the fake drive (that's where you would dribble), with your hand on top of the ball. If the defender does not react, take a further long, explosive step past him, keeping the ball in front of and outside the non-pivot foot, the ball should hit the floor when the big step hits the floor. If the defender reacts, anticipating on onside drive, crossover step with the non-pivot foot, swinging the ball across the body keeping it as low as possible (scrape the ground). If the defender retreats on the drive fake, re-establish triple threat stance and shoot before he recovers.

A shot fake is a short movement that imitates the start of shooting action, look at the basket and raise the ball at least to eye-level while maintaining a low stance. If the defender reacts to block a shot, make an onside or crossover step past him (the best available driving lane). If the defender retreats, doesn't react, or has jumped to block a shot, shoot before he has time to recover.

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