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Ganon Baker jump stop series

Ganon Baker
A 1-2 stop is quicker than a jump stop, but a jump stop allows you to cover ground with a bully or step-back move.
a) From triple threat, step with the right foot (long and low), dribble once with the right hand, make a left-right stop, repeat. Bend down, don't bend over (don't lead with your head). Progression - jump stop off the left foot.
b) Sweep below the knees, crossover step with the right foot, dribble once with the left hand, left-right stop. Progression - jump stop off the left foot. (At a higher level, just jump stop off the crossover right foot, which Baker also does but not discuss. Also, rip shoulder to shoulder if the defender's hands are low, sweep hip below knee if his hands are high.)
Coach demonstrates, then does it slowly with the players using commands - stance, right, dribble, left, right (or jump). Work up to game speed with coach watching, just "stance" and "go".
Tony Bergeron - players start on the baseline, spin a self pass, jump stop, coach calls "shot fake", "jab" etc. For Bergeron, a jab is a rocker step between the defender's feet to knock him back and get some room, then step back to shoot.
For a review of footwork see Shooting - Hubie Brown off the dribble. To sum up, footwork options for a one-dribble pull-up with a left pivot foot are: a) direct drive (right) - R-L-R, R-L-jump stop; b) crossover drive (left) - R-L-R, R-L (less explosive), R-L-jump stop, R-jump stop.
Augie Johnston - one-dribble pull-up with left pivot foot, a) strong side (right) - R-L-R or R-L-hop (jump stop), b) crossover - R-L or R-hop [not R-L-R or R-L-hop]. The ball should hit the floor at the same time as the first step (boom dribble).
Johnson - snatch-back handling - start in triple threat, take 1-2 right-hand dribbles (he uses a crossover step) into a snatch-back (stepback), land on two feet (ball in shot pocket), repeat going left, go fullcourt and back. Stepback variations - scissor stepback, behind the back, and dead-leg (other options - crossover or under-the-leg drag stepbacks, regular stepbacks).

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