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Tauer partner

John Tauer

Partners face each other on the lane line, with one ball.

a) All players get down in an athletic stance (engage the quads), make 50 chest passes staying in stance, don't step into the passes (option - first pair to 50). Without the ball, palms up where you want the pass.

b) Repeat with bounce passes, in stance.

c) Overhead passes, in stance (the ball should be overhead, not behind the head). Target hands are overhead.

d) Fake any pass (chest, bounce, overhead), throw a different pass, step into it, use your pivot foot.
Tara VanDerveer (Gooroo) - partner passing, chest, bounce, push, baseball, wrap around.
Jr. NBA Canada progressions
- players pound dribble as hard as they can, pass when partner calls out a code word, progression
- crossover dribbling.

See Passing - Partner, Ganon Baker partner, Shooting - Pre-game.

e) Ball pressure - the passer follows his pass to pressure the ball (don't mirror it) for 5 seconds, then goes back to his spot, gets a pass, and is pressured. The defender should make the ballhandler feel uncomfortable, take the ball from him, hands on the ball. The ballhandler doesn't want to turn away (start them with both feet on a line, if one foot isn't on the line at the end, they travelled). Whoever gets lower in stance wins.up

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