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2 passes to 1 then closes out to contest the shot, box out, and rebound. 1 takes five shots, then switch. Vary the shooting spots.
With more players, rotate the shooter after each shot and/or use both sides of the floor.

- both players rebound a miss or make, whoever rebounds is the next shooter (Basketball Canada Level 3 Manual)
- after the initial shot, play to a stop or score, make it, take it, shooter limited to 2 or 3 dribbles
- 1 does not have to wait for the close-out to shoot.
Brenda Frese - 30 seconds with rebounding partner - one player shoots, partner passes and rebounds, sprints up and back if the ball hits the floor, another player (or manager) steps in to pass until the rebounder gets back, switch after 30 seconds.

See 1 on 1 - Machine-gun close-out, Defending - Weakside 1 on 1, Rebounding - Overload.

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