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Weakside 1 on 1

Progressions in defending a weakside attacker. Two balls.

a) Shooter box-out

3 skip passes to 1, 2 closes out from a help position and contests, 1 shoots, 2 boxes out and rebounds, and will go off.

Option - 2 moves ballside if 3 brings the ball down, moves weakside if 3 holds the ball overhead, see Defending - Continuous close-outs.
Progression - both players rebound, play to a stop or score on a miss. Variations

- 2 stays if 1 gets an offensive rebound and scores, see 1 on 1 - Machine-gun close-out
- one shot only, 2 stays if 1 gets an offensive rebound, see 1 on 1 -
- live on a miss or make.

2 gets the ball to 5 and follows (each ball stays on a side).

1 is the next defender, 4 skip passes to 3 who shoots, 1 boxes out and rebounds.

5 will then skip pass to 4 and 3 close out, the rotation is passer-attacker-defender-off.
See Shooting - Team skip passes.

b) Live on the skip pass

Attacker 3 can shoot or drive (limited dribbles), see 1 on 1 - Machine-gun, Off skip pass, Coach as passer, Defending - Miami 3-point, 1-on-1 with passers (island closeouts).

Option - 4 takes one dribble then passes, 1 stunts and recovers to 3, see Defending - Pitt close-out 1 on 1, Pitt close-out.

c) Weakside flash

3 flashes from weakside, live, see Defending - Pasquali denial (weakside cuts), also Weakside cuts, Villanova jump to the ball.
Variation - 3 skip passes to 4 then flashes, see Coach as passer (Michael Meek).

d) Weakside box-out

4 shoots, 1 boxes out 3 and rebounds.
Progression - 1 and 3 rebound, live, see Rebounding - Weakside (play to a stop or score, make or miss), and 3-man weave to block-out (play to a score by either player on a miss).

Aaron Johnston - Gopher box-out - 4 shoots and 1 blocks out 3, or 1-on-1 off a skip pass, drive and kick (1 helps and recovers), or weakside flash.up

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