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Level 3 Manual

1 shoots, weakside defender X2 boxes out 2 on a make or miss. X2 and 2 play to a stop or score. Rotate players, switch sides.


- allow 1 to pass to 2
- passer is at the top, attacker is on the wing with defender in a deny or gap position.

David Thorpe - start with defensive box-outs, then offensive swim and spin moves, then go live. See Rebounding - 5star circle.
Tom Izzo - X2 starts under the basket, 2 is on the wing at the 3-point line, coach shoots from the opposite elbow and tries to miss. X2 should “hit, find, and get" - hit the other player with a forearm, turn, find the ball, and go get it. Catch the ball above your head with two hands, pull it down to chin level. Offensive rebounder 2 should read the rebound and try to avoid contact with X2. Rotation is offence-defence-off.
Aaron Johnston - Gopher box-out - 1 shoots and X2 blocks out 2, or 1-on-1 off a skip pass, drive and kick (X2 helps and recovers), or weakside flash.
See Rebounding - 2 on 2 weakside, Calipari pads, 3-man weave to block-out, Defending - Pitt close-out 1 on 1.

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