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2 on 2 weakside



Defenders X2 and X3 adjust their positions as two coaches pass the ball back and forth.

When a coach shoots, attackers and defenders rebound a miss. On an offensive rebound, go 2 on 2 to a stop or score, re-start the drill on a score. On any defensive rebound, the defenders break 2 on 0 on the far basket.

Defenders must escape the paint to make contact and box out.


- 3 on 3
- coaches can pass to attackers if the defence is poor.
See Rebounding - 4 on 2, Low-post block out, Weakside.
Brenda Frese - Wildcat closeouts - the ball is passed from coach to coach, the defence adjusts, coach on the wing will drive and kick to an attacker, it's live, attackers can pass back to a coach. Close out short on a driver, long on a shooter, don't get beat middle. See Defending - Duke driving line.

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