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Duke driving line

Coach K

a) Close-out

Coach passes to 1 or 2. X1 closes out, his first responsibility is to take away shot (one hand up), then he gets down in his stance. Duke does not force in any direction, just keep your man in front of you and stop penetration. The attacker has three dribbles, play to a stop or score. The defender closes out on each side, then rotate.
Basketball Blueprint app - Dennis Rodman drill - X1 defends a drive from the left wing, top, and right wing, attackers start with balls, one shot only,

b) Contesting

The attacker must get open for a pass. Rotate attacker to defender, defender off. Coach can call for the defender to allow the pass, and shallow cut to exchange with 1. If coach dribble penetrates, X1 stunts and recovers (he slows coach's momentum but is not the last line of defence in a game). Get a hand up to contest any shot, don't guard it with your face, and use voice pressure - call "shot!".
See Defending - Denial, Villanova jump to the ball (ball at the top).

Progression - add two (more or less) static attackers on the other side, with active defenders who adjust their positions depending on where the ball is, and help on penetration.

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