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X1 works to deny the entry pass from coach. If coach shoots, X1 must box out and rebound.

coachesclipboard.ca - X1 must deny 1 for five seconds to go out, play is live if 1 gets a pass within five seconds.
Lloyd Mitchell (Greenvale) - X1 denies a pass, if 1 gets a pass, play one on one.
Dean Smith - X1 tries to see man and ball, the best way to keep 1 from the ball is to stay away from him (proportionate to the distance between 1 and coach), don't let 1 get extremely close and break away.
See Defending - Duke driving line, Villanova jump to the ball (ball on the wing), 1 on 1 - Coach as passer, On close-out, Layups - Blast cuts, Jr. NBA - Defence (3-second deny).

If coach dribble penetrates, X1 must fake a trap without committing to the ball then recover to O1.


- coach dribble penetrates and passes to 1, X1 closes out
- 1 can cut backdoor
- coach can dribble clear 1, who goes to the weakside then ball cuts.

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