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Villanova 2 on 2 whack-out

Jay Wright

a) Technique

Attackers on the wings each have a ball. Defenders X1 and X4 decide on their checks, on a signal from coach they close out. The first step is with the closest foot to bring the head down, run 2/3 of the way, throw the head back, hands out, stutter step the last 2-3 steps (contain first, contest late). Each attacker takes 2 dribbles baseline, defenders step-slide twice, the baseline foot goes first. Repeat with the attackers driving middle.
- coach has both balls and passes to 2 and 3
- X1 and X4 pass or roll balls and close out.


Live 2 on 2 on a pass from coach to O2 or O3.

Help defender X1 will be on the line of the ball (from the ball to his man), with one foot in the lane if the ball is above the foul line, and two feet in the lane if the ball is below the foul line. If O2 shoots, X1 must "tag" O3 - nail him with a forearm. If X1 helps on dribble penetration by O2, he helps outside the lane, and X4 switches to take O3. If X4 contains O2, X2 does not need to help, fake help and go back to tag his man, he does not want O3 to be open or get an offensive rebound. Don't get caught in no man's land - help, or fake help and tag your man.

New Heights Coaches Clinic 2009 - on a make the attackers pass to coach and get to the offensive positions again, on a defensive rebound the defenders pass to coach and step outside the arc for a pass (see Cut-throat offence Scrimmage).
goxavier.com - 2 on 2 closeout - the two defenders start close to the baseline under the basket, attackers are limited to two dribbles, there is always a help defender, the attacker without the ball must stay in his area and can only spot up on penetration. Play to 5 points, with 1 point for two deflections, 1 point for three "successful" closeouts in a row, and 3 points for taking a charge.

Don Kelbick - wing 2 on 2 - defenders start in the middle of the lane, coach passes from under the basket, attackers can't cross the middle of the floor, 2-dribble limit is effective.

coachesclipboard.ca - attackers touch chairs in the corners, blast cut back to the wings for a pass, the weakside attacker plays off dribble penetration, staying wide for a longer closeout on a pass.

c) 2 on 2 denial

X1 and X4 start in denial positions on and up the line, contest v-cuts and backcuts (don't allow a catch in scoring area). Deny with one hand, other forearm and closed fist on the man. To defend a backcut, turn the head and throw the basket hand down to the floor to contest the bounce pass, put a forearm and fist on the man with the other arm. Attackers must stay on their side of the floor, but can pass to coach to reverse the ball (defenders then deny).

(Variation - use a player as the passer)
See Defending - Denial both sides.

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