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2 on 2 shell

Defenders X2 and X3 are in deny or gap positions, jump to the ball into on-ball and help positions when coach passes to 2 or 3, who square up and shot fake each time. Continue passing the ball around, including skip passes (see Izzo jump to the ball).

Coach can call for a pass to be allowed if denied, or make a bounce or lob pass to avoid a deny. If coach dribble penetrates, X2 or X3 help and recover when coach passes (or a deny defender just stunts and recovers). Coach can shoot at any time, defenders box out and rebound.
David Faucher - if coach starts to drive between X1 and X2, both players help stop the ball.
Shane Froling - defenders start on the elbows, coach passes to 2 who skip passes to 3, who skip passes back to 2, it's live, play to a stop or score (see Skip pass 2 on 2).


- defenders start in the lane, close out on the pass from coach (2 on 2 close-outs, Villanova 2 on 2 whack-out)
- defenders pass to coach or an attacker from in the lane
- start with 1-on-1 on each side (Stops, Denial).

- add a defender on coach, see Huggins sprint to help, Husky closeouts
- use two coaches, see 4 on 2 close-out with help
- 3 on 3 shell, see Procopio 3 on 3 shrink, Izzo close-outs.

Dribble penetration

2 and 3 can drive middle or baseline, pass to coach or skip pass to the other attacker. Defenders help and recover, or switch.

Duke two-man contesting wide, Villanova 2 on 2 whack-out - when X3 helps on 2, X2 sprints to cover 3 on a pass.

That's a Foul (Nov 2004) - if X3 thinks that 2 is more likely to drive than pass, X3 moves at least to the ballside edge of the backboard; if he thinks that 2 will pass to 3, he hedges weakside to the edge of the backboard. X3 keeps vision of 3 unless X2 is beaten. Tips for reading 2 are:
- the higher he is holding the ball, the more likely a pass
- where is he looking
- where is his body facing (he can't drive until facing the basket)
- what is X2 taking away.

Also see 2 on 2 help rotation, 4 on 2 close-out with help, UConn 2 on 3 trapping, Pop-out.

Contesting cuts

Attackers cut to get open, defenders deny the cuts.


- attackers backcut on pass fakes (Huggins sprint to help)
- on a pass to one wing, the other ball cuts
- on a pass back to coach, the passer basket cuts and replaces (or the wings exchange).
Progression - 2 on 2 live, optionally attackers have to stay on their side (can limit dribbles), but can make one pass back to coach.

See Denial both sides, Villanova 2 on 2 whack-out, Duke two-man contesting wide, Dick Bennett 3 on 3.

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