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Skip pass 2 on 2

Basketball WA

1 skips the ball to 2, X2 closes out from the split-line.

2 skips the ball back to 1, it's live, play to a stop or score.

Progressions - fullcourt (start in the defensive frontcourt), e.g. run and jump in the middle, turn and trap on the sideline.
breakthroughbasketball.com - add a ball cut after each skip pass, play 2 on 2 on "live".
Ray Lokar - each skip pass the on-ball defender drops to a help position on the split-line, the other defender closes out, repeat 2-3 times then play 1 on 1 live from the wing on a skip pass.
Ian MacKinnon - regular scoring when live plus attackers get a point for a shot off the rim on a skip pass, or a strong-hand drive into the paint.

See Defending - 2 on 2 shell, Jack Bennett 2 on 2 gap, Hollins skip passes. up

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