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Pitt close-out 1 on 1

Jamie Dixon

Four players (or more).

Coach on the wing takes one dribble and skip passes to attacker 1. Defender 2 helps on coach (don't commit the back foot) then closes out on the pass to 1. Play to a stop or score (the attacker can rebound), limit of three dribbles. 1 stays on attack with a score (make-it, take-it), 2 goes on attack with stop, a new defender always comes on. The first player with three makes wins, the others run up and back.

Close out with weight down, inside foot forward, two hands up, stay down on shot fakes.
John Calipari - impossible close
- the hardest close-out is from weakside help to the wing. 2 doesn't have to stop 1, just make him go wide, help will come (on a straight drive, there's no help, you better hope for a charge). Make it as hard as you can for him to score, but don't foul to stop him for scoring. 1 should drive if 2's hands are up, and shoot if his hands are down. Don't ball fake, you will walk. End with a rebound (one shot), or go again.
– a big man defending a weakside low post would help on a baseline drive, you help the big man (one foot in the paint, stunt down, not across the lane), hands have to go up on the closeout, the attacker shoots if the defender’s hands are down, drive if his hands are up. Fail fast and try something new.
Tim Springer - Wall-up to closeout - a player drives baseline from the wing to get into the paint, 2 walls up, closes out on a pass to 1 on the other wing, goes 1-on-1.

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Variation - the attacker is out top.
See Defending - Pasquali closeouts (stunt and recover).

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