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Two-man close-out

Rick Pitino
5-Star Basketball Drills

2 under the basket passes to 1 then closes out with a hand up to distract/block 1's shot (do not run by the shooter). 1 catches the ball square to the basket with knees bent and hands ready, shoots (a one-piece shot). 1 rebounds, passes to 2 in the corner and closes out. Repeat from different positions.


- the shooter makes a shot fake then a one-dribble pull-up left, right (be "ball-quick")
- jab step, shoot
- jab step, one-dribble pull-up.


- 2 does not try to block the shot but give the shooter a realistic feel for how much time he has to shoot, and to get good arc on the shot
- shoot for 30 seconds at each spot
- continue until one person makes 5 shots, rotate to the next spot.

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