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Players alternate shots, and each player can't shoot from the same spot twice in a row.
1 shoots, rebounds, passes to 2, then relocates to a new shooting spot. 2 will shoot, rebound, pass, and relocate.
- on a miss, 1 must make a putback before passing to 2
- group competition, first pair to make X baskets, or most baskets in 1-2 minutes
- individual competition, first player to make X baskets in the pair or the group, or most baskets in 1-2 minutes.
Barry Brodzinski - Two-player replacement
- start inside 15 feet, make 10, end with a make
- move out to 3
- get your feet under you, legs into the shot.
Harbir Bains - two pairs per basket, one pair shoots for about a minute then switch pairs.
See Shooting - Olympic, Bill Self partner.

Gatorade NBA 2ball

Each two-player team has 1 minute to score as many points as possible. There are 7 shooting spots, including layups, each with an assigned point value (shown). A layup is worth 2 points, each team can score a maximum of two layups. The ball must be dribbled or passed from one spot to another.

The game begins with each player taking a bonus shot worth 10 points from outside the 3-point line at the top, e.g. here 1 shoots a bonus shot, rebounds, passes to 2 and relocates to a shooting spot, 2 will shoot a bonus, rebound, pass to 1 and relocate, then the 60-second clock will start (the clock is not running during the bonus shots).

Use closer shooting spots for younger players.

Hot Shots - use the same shooting spots for an individual shooting competition, the shooter shoots, rebounds and dribbles to a different shooting spot (again he can't shoot from the same spot twice in a row). The bonus shot can be optional.
Ray Lokar - Hot shot - shoot for 30 or 60 seconds, top of the key is 5 points, elbows 4 points, corners 3 points, layups 1 point, 10-point bonus for shooting at every spot.

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