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Tom Crean fill cuts

Tom Crean
a) Cross key
1 takes two hard steps down, plants, cuts across the top for a pass from 2, shoots, rebounds and changes lines. Pivot on the inside foot, don't hop. The quality of the pass leads to the quality of the shot (Pete Carril).
Jay Triano - weave shooting - make a move (v-cut), come into the middle, catch and shoot, continue, then move lines to the corner and top.
See YouTube video V-cut into mid-range jumper - dive to the block and come up, hop or inside pivot foot.

2 v-cuts next, getting a pass from 4.

(Variation - balls all start on one side)


- one-dribble pull-ups, both ways (catch and go, pull thru)
- regular stepbacks
- stepback, show shot, go or cross (counters)
- other stepbacks - extended, scissor, wrap, load-up
- drag pullback - crossover, between, behind
- drag pullback to drop move
- punch drag
- inverted drag
- speed stop exchange
- "hockey stop" (between the legs)
- spin and shoot
- fake spin, shoot
- Nash one-legged fadeaway on the back foot
- Kobe spin on the back foot
- jab series (pass to the inside hand, front pivot or hop) - jab step, shot fake, jab and shot fake (rocker)
- sweep series (pass to the outside hand, reverse pivot)
- Paul Pierce series (reverse pivot on the inside foot)
- jump stop
- permanent pivot foot.

Augie Johnston - on a spin move, take an extra dribble and pound it to carry you in the opposite direction, and take a big step to create space.

See Fundamentals - Skills checklist, Shooting - 5star on the move, Continuous, 5star foul-line flash, Billy Donovan workouts, 5star in the box, FIBA triple threat, Tauer triple threat, Nash 20-minute workout, Procopio wing, Flare-wing, Blasone, also Layups - Kiwi cutting, Footwork - Jay Wright jab-swing series.


To work on wide pin-down angles, one line is in the corner. 1 v-cuts for a pass from 2, who v-cuts next. Both players shoot near the elbow.

Bob Hurley - 2 wide shooting - use 5 balls, corner players blast cut for a catch and shoot, players at the top of the key step toward the wing then flash backdoor for a pass. Rebound your own shot and dribble out to the other line (where the pass came from).

Eric Musselman - Arkansas curls - curls from the corner, mid-range then 3s.

3-point shots

From the slot area, 1 cuts for a pass at the top, then 2 sprints to get behind a pass for left-right step-in shot. Players move to spots, they aren't v-cutting.
See Shooting - 2 line make 7, Fill cuts, 6 spot, Wide pin-downs.up

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