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5star shots off the dribble

Tony Bergeron

a) 3-point shots

From halfcourt, 1 dribbles to the cone with his right hand, makes a shoulder-roll (inside-out) move, comes to a 1-2 stop (inside-outside), shoots a 3-point shot.

- hesitation move
- freeze pull-up.
See Dribbling - Kevin O'Neill moves.

2 makes a crossover move at the cone.
- between the legs, behind the back or spin dribble
- inside-out crossover (see below).

Players continue alternating shots right and left of the cone.

1 makes sure to start the next the next round with a crossover move.

Change hands.

Progression - shoot on the wings starting from the sidelines at halfcourt.
Taylor Allan - multi-v drill - make a perimeter move against a chair at the top of the key, a) make a finishing move at the rim, b) pull up with a mid-range move, c) shoot immediately, change sides.
Jr. NBA - inside-out crossover move and shoot (with no dribble after the crossover).

b) jump shots

Make a crossover move at a second cone.

1 again dribbles with his right hand and makes an inside-out move at the first cone, then makes a crossover move at the second cone into a pull-up shot.

(Option - guards pull up for a 3-point shot after the first cone)

2 again makes a crossover move at the first cone, then makes another crossover move at the second cone to go opposite.

Progression - make a combination move at the first cone, e.g., inside-out crossover, then one move at the second cone, e.g., alternating crossover and inside-out (to go opposite).
See Shooting - 5star fullcourt, Dribbling - Matt Doherty.

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