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Matt Doherty

Matt Doherty
FIBA Assist 27

1) Stationary ballhandling

a) One ball

- pound dribble the ball 20 times with the weak hand, then strong hand, then weak hand again,
- figure-8 dribbling at least 10 times in each direction,
- weak-hand side v-dribble (at least 20 times), then front v-dribble,
- strong-hand side v-dribble, then front v-dribble,
- repeat weak-hand side and front v-dribble.

b) Two balls

- pound dribble both balls at the same time at least 40 times,
- alternate dribble both balls at least 20 times each,
- two same-time pound dribbles then crossover both balls, repeat at least 10 times.

See Dribbling - Calipari warm-up, Tauer stationary, Nash ballhandling, Duke two-ball.

2) Fullcourt transition dribble series

a) One ball

- right hand up and back (shown for 1),

- left hand up and back,

- zig-zag - three dribbles to the right, crossover (low and tight), three dribbles to the left, crossover, continue, up and back (shown for 2).
Operate at two speeds, set up your defender, come into a crossover slowly and come out quickly.

See Dribbling - Procopio ballhandling, Fullcourt moves.

b) Zig-zag dribble moves

- start in the corner, dribble to the elbow, crossover low, come out quickly, crossover at the halfcourt sideline and far elbow, dribble the baseline, repeat coming back,

- repeat using between the legs, behind the back, and spin dribble,

- zig-zag with retreat dribble - prior to each crossover, take 1-2 retreat dribbles, protecting the ball with your body, crossover using a change of pace.

See Dribbling - Fullcourt zig-zag, Speed course, Halfcourt moves.

c) Two balls

- same-time dribble up and back,

- alternating dribble up and back,

- zig-zag - three same-time dribbles to the right, change direction, three dribbles to the left, continue, up and back,

- zig-zag with alternating dribbles,

- zig-zag with same-time dribbles, take 1-2 retreat dribbles before changing direction (shown),

- repeat with alternating dribbles and 1-2 retreat dribbles.

See Dribbling - Memphis, Nash ballhandling, Duke two-ball, 55-second.

3) Halfcourt transition

a) Inside-out moves,

- start at halfcourt on the right, right-hand speed dribble, make an inside-out move on a chair at the elbow, finish with a right-hand power layup,

- from the left side, left-hand speed dribble, inside-out move, left-hand power layup,

- from the middle at halfcourt, right-hand speed dribble, inside-out, right-hand power layup (shown),

- repeat from the middle with a left-hand speed dribble, inside-out move, left-hand power layup.
Taylor Allan - multi-v drill - make a perimeter move against a chair at the top of the key, a) make a finishing move at the rim, b) pull up with a mid-range move, c) shoot immediately, change sides.

See Dribbling - 5star triple b, Pitino series, Layups - Primary-secondary moves, Shooting - Florida dribble series.

b) Progression - use a crossover dribble instead of an inside-out move,

- from the right side, dribble with the right hand, crossover, finish with a left-hand power layup on the other side of the basket (shown),

- from the left side, left-hand dribble, crossover, right-hand power layup,

- from the middle, right-hand dribble, crossover, left-hand power layup,

- from the middle, left-hand dribble, crossover, right-hand power layup.

See Dribbling - Kevin O'Neil moves, 5star workout, Layups - Villanova.
Taylor Allan - start at halfcourt with a chair at the arc, attack the chair, make a single move, explode and finish at the rim, progressions - double move, triple move at the chair.

4) Halfcourt transition vs. two defenders

Dribble moves against two defenders, the first "defender" is one or two steps above the three-point line.

a) Inside-out moves,

- from the right side, make a right-hand inside-out move on both chairs, finish with a right-hand power layup,

- repeat on the left side, two left-hand inside-out moves, left-hand power layup,

- repeat twice from the middle, two right-hand inside-out moves, then two left-hand inside-out moves (shown).

b) Progressions

From the right, left, and twice in the middle (alternating hands),

- crossover dribble at each cone (shown),
- crossover dribble at the first cone, then inside-out,
- inside-out at the first cone, then crossover.
Don Kelbick - 2 change jump shooting - set up two cones in a straight line, make a change (of direction) at each cone, shoot.
Taylor Allan - doubles drill - put two chairs on the wing about 5 feet apart on an angle, make a move on each chair, alternate finishing with a pull-up, floater, and at the rim.

See Shooting - 5star shots off the dribble, Dribbling - Chair drill, Halfcourt drives, Tom Crean cone drill.up

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