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Each player has a ball. Chairs or cones are set up at the 3-point line, coach assigns a dribble move to be used at each cone, and will change it after the players have completed the same move at all three cones. After the players execute the dribble move they go in for a layup. The second player will begin when the first player gets to the cone. The leader moves in front of the next cone, and begins when the last person is shooting a layup. Count the makes to determine a winner.
- specify the finishing move
- take perimeter shots
- first team to X baskets.
Basketball WA - moves off dribble - a line of players behind each cone (on the arc, both wings and the top), stagger the attacks, use change of pace, stutter step, hesitate, only one dribble past the 3-point line. (Variation - 3-point or mid-range pull-ups, no need to stagger the attacks)
See Dribbling - 5star workout, Matt Doherty, Chair drill, Layups - Villanova.

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