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Dribbling Series

This series is a progression of drills to work on dribbling skills, including two-ball drills.

See Blog post - Dribbling Series, other blog posts on Dribbling & Moves, Skills Checklists - Dribbling, YouTube playlist - Dribbling Series.

Stationary Drills

See Off-Season YouTube Drills > Ballhandling & Dribbling, also Jr. NBA Ballhandling - Stationary.

Especially with younger players, start with no-dribble Maravich drills such as ball slaps, taps and wraps, add dribbling such as pounds, v-dribbles (front, side), leg circles, figure 8, cross, between, behind, and then combo moves. See

For my go-to drills see

and progressions include

See YouTube playlist - Go-to stationary, also Nepean Blue Devils At-Home Indoor Drills.


Two Balls

Common stationary two-ball options include pounds, pistons, one high one low, front and side v-dribbles (same time, opposing), and crossovers. For these and other options (e.g. leg circles, figure-8, traps, juggling, one hand, push thru), see

Attacks and Stops

Another stationary progression is working on first-step attacks into a dribble stop, e.g., a drop move or jab step from triple threat into an inverted drag or speed-stop exchange (I like this as part of our form shooting progression, make a move and shoot to your partner). See

Up and Back

One ball then two balls, halfcourt, fullcourt, cross-court.

I like to start with a halfcourt continuous "footwork" ballhandling series, using short quick steps, then go fullcourt for game-speed moves (adding wrap and spin dribbles), with a pound dribble into each move or just 3 (or 2) moves each trip.

To cover lateral dribbling, work on a bounce-off to create separation away from a defender, a glide (lift) hesi to freeze them, and a control (crab) dribble to protect the ball.

  • Walking pound dribbles
    • high pounds, right then left hand
    • 3 high pounds, 6 low pounds
  • Footwork ballhandling (short, quick steps)
    • Continuous (see Jason Kidd fullcourt)
      • cross
      • between
        • progressions
          • backwards
          • reverse between (under the outside leg) - forwards, backwards
      • v-dribble - front, side
      • inside-out
      • inside-out cross, inside-out between
      • between cross
      • cross between
      • between behind
      • between & back under (double take)
      • behind the back
      • double-move combos
      • cross between behind, between cross cross, between between behind
      • inside-out between wrap, between behind wrap, cross between behind wrap (see wrap series).
    • Pound dribble into each move
  • Speed dribble
    • right hand, left hand, alternating hands (Memphis)
    • push crossover
  • Skip dribble (Corridor)
  • Figure-8 (pretzel) walking - forward, backward (55-second)
  • Pound inside-out, crossover, between, behind, wrap, spin (Nash, Hurley)
  • Pound triple-move (Hurley)
  • Zig-zag
  • Pullback, pullback cross (Retreat dribbles)
  • Lateral
  • Hesi series
  • Inside-out series
    • (pound) inside-out cross, inside-out between, inside-out behind
    • (pound) double inside-out cross, double inside-out between, double inside-out behind (wrap)
  • Wrap series
    • (pound) wrap, between wrap, inside-out wrap
    • (continuous) inside-out between wrap, between behind wrap, cross between behind wrap
  • Spin series
    • (pound) pound spin, inside-out spin, cross spin, between spin
    • (pound) between cross spin, between between spin, between behind spin
  • Dribble-jab series

Two Balls

  • Two-ball pound, pistons (Memphis)
  • Augie Johnston - 2-ball crushers
    • walking pound cross, pound cross cross, pound cross cross cross
  • Pro Training workout #10
    • dribble forward, backward
    • zig-zag forward, backward
  • Duke two-ball
    • zig-zag cross, between, behind (the balls change hands)

See Dribbling - 55-second, Tony Watson series, Matt Doherty, Pro Training workout #11.up


Use zig-zag cones or a line of cones to work on secondary moves (changes of direction). A cone line can also be used for primary moves (inside-out, hesitation), behind-the-back wraps, and weaving. Cones can be tight or loose. I like to integrate cones into shooting and finishing drills.

Attack the Rim

Attack the rim in transition from both sides and out top, with each hand. Start with simple blow-by moves (e.g., inside-out, inside-out cross), add dribble-jab, hesitation and combo moves, including Iverson and killer crossovers. Be creative, combine with a variety of finishing moves, then hesi pull-ups and crossover jumpers (shooting off a crossover or wrap dribble does not need an extra dribble).

  • Hesitation series
    • stop and go (show shot), slow and go (heavy foot)
    • stutter, stutter change
    • skip hesi (load up)
    • glide (lift) hesi - between, cross, turn dribble
  • Iverson crossover series, e.g.
    • skip hesi - cross, inside-out cross, cross cross, cross hesi (glide) cross, cross between
  • Scissor series, e.g.
    • between cross (killer cross), hesi between cross, between hesi cross
    • between wrap, between cross wrap
    • between and under (double take), between under cross
    • between spin
  • Other combo moves, e.g.
    • cross cross (Kevin Durant)
    • behind behind (Nash, Jamal Crawford)
    • behind, spin (Rocky Ullah)
    • cross spin, between spin (Tony Parker finish)
  • Hesi pull-ups, crossover jumpers
    • skip hesi pull
    • Iverson cross - pull, stepback (no dribble, one dribble, motion steps)
    • glide hesi - pull, cross and pull or stepback
    • extended stepback
    • between cross, between wrap
    • see Shooting - Courtney Douglass, Snake pull-ups, Angled pull-up


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