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5star cutting

Tony Bergeron

1 v-cuts to the wing, shows an outside target hand, gets a pass from coach (Bergeron likes a bounce pass), catches and faces pivoting on the permanent pivot foot, makes a shot fake, and passes back to coach. 2 goes next.

Ganon Baker - change speeds on your cuts, e.g., stop cut (stop and go on an athletic cut from the block, read the defender).

Option - use the left side too with another coach.
Scott Adubato - on a v-cut, take the defender down, get into him, pop out. Use two steps (L-R from the right wing), use your pivot to break him (crossover step, it can be across the defender).
FIBA Coaching Library - take the defender down to the block, get close to him and step over before running out to receive the pass.
Jay Wright - if denied after v-cutting, walk into the defender, step over in front with the right foot (on the right wing), throw the inside (right) arm up, pop out with the outside hand as a target, reverse pivot on the outside foot.
Canada Basketball - on a v-cut, setting up the cut to the sideline restricts the ability of teammates to attack the rim, when breaking to the sideline it is very hard to read the defence since vision is away from the middle of the court (the attacker must play control), and a backdoor cut requires a 180-degree change of direction. A blast cut toward the ball is an attacking cut since the attacker can read the defence, a backcut is only a 90-degree cut, the passer has room to dribble penetrate, and it keeps the basket open for other cutters to attack the rim.
coachesclipboard.ca - lockdown - many times players don't have time to blast cut or v-cut, they can use a lockdown (perimeter post-up) to get open on the wing, walk into the defender, swim the baseline arm over into an arm bar while stepping over with the baseline foot, extend the outside hand as a target, pass out into space.
See Layups - Blast cuts.

Repeat using L-cuts, plant the inside foot and pop out, use an inside arm bar but don't push off. The L-cut is more effective at higher levels, the v-cut relies more on speed.

See Shooting - 5star-cutting.

Ganon Baker

- 1 cuts under the outstretched arm of a static ("door") defender, getting his inside foot past
- the ball is on a chair, forcing the attacker to get low, and showing him where to cut (foul-line extended)
- inside cut - if a defender is playing high side at the block, attack inside (step through with outside foot), curl around back to the perimeter.
breakthroughbasketball.com - triangle cut from the wing (to the block, then L-cut).
Scott Adubato
- L-cut - take the defender down from the wing, straight up the lane, forward pivot and face him with an inside arm bar, bump off him back out
- L-cut with spin - when he takes away the forward pivot, split him with the outside foot, reverse pivot and spin outside
- circle cut - take him down, one step into the lane with hands up, swing down (swim) and circle around him (from the baseline side) back out to the wing.
See Post play - Pete Newell post moves.

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