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5star cutting

Tony Bergeron

1 passes to coach, v-cuts to the wing, shows an outside target hand, gets a pass (Bergeron likes a bounce pass), catches and faces, pivoting on the permanent pivot foot. Shooting series is

- rip thru (sweep baseline), shoot (a difficult shot moving away from the basket)
- rip, one-dribble baseline, shoot
- rip baseline, drive to the basket.

Option - use the left side too with another coach.

Repeat using L-cuts, use an inside arm bar but don't push off. The L-cut is more effective at higher levels, the v-cut relies more on speed.

Ganon Baker

- 1 cuts under the outstretched arm of a static ("door") defender, getting his inside foot past
- coach puts the ball is on a chair in the wing, forcing the attacker to get low, and showing him where to cut (foul-line extended)
- inside cut - if a defender is playing high side at the block, attack inside (step through with outside foot), curl around back to the perimeter.

See Shooting - Pitt sweep series, Layups - Blast cuts, Footwork - 5star cutting.
Jay Wright - use the Villanova jab series after v-cutting to get open, or the swing series after a step-over move.
Tara VanDerveer - jab series - pass to coach from the wing, work to get open (lockdown), jab and go (middle) to the rim, jab and cross (baseline), jab and shoot, they also do a sweep series.

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