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Jama Mahlalela
FIBA (YouTube)

See YouTube video - Individual development drills.

Three keys to any workout,

- make it competitive
- needs to be transferable to a game
- be physical as coaches.

From the right wing, attack with the right hand,

a) outside sideways step, inside sideways step (shown), finish with the left hand off the left foot (side, side, finish)

b) inside step, outside step (inverted Euro), finish with the right (outside) hand (off the right foot)


- finish with either hand
- pass fake on the first step
- attack middle from the wing (left hand).

c) coach plays defence, based on how he guards, players step one way or the other way to get around him (here coach moves middle, 1 steps inside-outside).

Repeat from the left wing.

See Dribbling - Chair drill, 5star triple b.

- attack right and left from outside the top of the key, finish with either hand, or a floater or runner off one foot.
Jared Berggren - Euro-step teaching point - if your defender bites on the outside step, the next step can be straight downhill, not lateral.
Jared Berggren - Downhill angle out - if your defender doesn't react to the outside step, just step right across with the inside foot to finish (punch angle out).
DJ Sackmann - Four finishes  - veer action - attack from the top, step outside-inside, lateral jump back outside.
Drew Hanlen - Giannis finishing move - make a crossover-jab (drop cross outside, jab inside), take a step with the outside foot, a) if your defender reacts to the jab, take another step outside and finish, b) if he guesses opposite, Euro-step inside on the last step.
Ryan Razooky - NBA Euro-step
- Regular Euro-step - step outside (towards your defender), sell a pass, step inside, take the ball overhead to protect it.
- Swing step - first step crosses to the inside, protect the ball, next step attacks the rim.
- Dribble-jab Euro - dribble-jab inside then two steps to attack the rim, or just one step with the outside foot, or Euro-step.
- Cross-jab Euro - crossover dribble, dribble-jab Euro (see Hanlen above).

See YouTube playlists - Euro-step, Foot-cross move.up

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