Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Group workout

Individual shooting workouts in a group setting, e.g. with 4 players at each basket. Each player has a ball and rebounds their own shot, the progression is

- shoot off the dribble (left-shoulder and right-shoulder turns)
- use toss-outs, catch and shoot (over both shoulders)
- toss-outs into one-dribble pull-ups, right hand then left hand.

At each step, shoot for time (e.g. 1-2 minutes), makes (e.g. first player to 10), or takes (e.g. 25).


- mid-range then 3-point shots
- use 5-6-7 cones around the perimeter.

See Shooting - 5-spot series, 5star circus, Triano 7-spot workout, Eastman four chairs, Steve Alford 50 points, Guard workout.

1) Off the dribble

Dribble with the baseline hand behind the 3-point line into a pull-up jump shot (pivot to the middle, open to the floor). Rebound, alternate sides after each take or make.

Footwork - 1-2 stop (inside-foot front pivot), hop stop.

See Shooting - Triano 7-spot workout.

Variation - on both sides, dribble with the right hand into left-shoulder pull-ups, continue, then switch to right-shoulder pull-ups dribbling with the left hand, see Shooting - 5-spot series.

2) Catch and shoot toss-outs

Toss the ball out (e.g. to the 3-point line), follow, pivot open to the floor, catch and shoot, rebound, toss out, continue. A toss-out can be an underhand spin or a shot pass.

Variation - all left-shoulder turns, then all right-shoulder turns, see Shooting - 5-spot series, Eastman four chairs, 5star circus (Euro drill).

Footwork - 1-2 stop (inside-foot front pivot, cheat step option), hop stop facing the basket, hop stop and front pivot.

Progression - catch with a jump stop facing away from the basket, see Shooting - Procopio wing, Pro Training solo (6-shot series), Guard workout (toss-out shooting variations).

For more on footwork see Shooting - Downscreens, Pop-out, 5star foul-line flash, Chair drills, Layups - Blast cuts.

3) Toss-out pull-ups

Toss out the ball, follow, catch and pivot middle, take a one-dribble pull-up to the right, rebound, continue. Repeat with one-dribble pull-ups to the left.

To use a crossover-step going both directions, catch with a jump stop facing the basket (hop pivot), or catch and go without stopping.


- two dribbles
- stepbacks
- triple threat counters (jab, shot fake).
Variation - baseline pull-ups.

See Shooting - Hal Wissel off the dribble, Billy Donovan workouts, Frankston spin-outs, Guard workout.

For crossover footwork, see Footwork - Pasquali pivoting, Dribble starts, Layups - Cross the lane, Shooting - Borg, Blasone, Flare-wing, Cut-cut, Varidel workout.up

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