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Dribble starts

Canada Basketball Technical Manual

a) Change of direction dribble starts

1 and 2 are about three metres apart, 2 shows his hands, gets a pass, and holds the ball out on one side near his hip. 1 starts to cut away from the ball then makes a change of direction cut, takes a handoff with a jump stop, starts to dribble using a crossover step (the pivot foot is furthest away from 2), dribbles twice, jump stops, pivots, passes when 2 shows his hands, repeat (2 should alternate the hip the ball is held on).

Progression - 1 takes the ball without stopping, using an outside pivot foot to put the ball down with a crossover step, take two dribbles, pivot and pass.
In general, the pivot foot should be the foot opposite the defender.

See Footwork - 5star pairs jab vs close-out, Dave Smart first step.

b) Crossover starts

1 and 2 are about one metre apart, each has a ball, 1 passes to 2, who holds a ball out on each side at shoulder height then drops one ball. 1 must retrieve the ball using two steps - a crossover step with the foot furthest from the ball and a second step with the other foot to square up. 1 then starts a dribble to the basket with a crossover step, this time moving the outside foot first (inside pivot foot).

Emphasize a weight shift to the pivot foot, then it is impossible to move the pivot foot before the ball leaves the hand.


- 2 starts with both balls
- 1 uses an outside pivot foot (the foot furthest away from 2).

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