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Hal Wissel off the dribble

Hal Wissel

It takes about 20,000 correct reps for shooting off the dribble to become automatic. He emphasizes two points, pick the ball up in front of the shooting-side knee (Front), and with the shooting hand on top of the ball (Top). For practice, dribble twice on the spot with the right hand in front of the right knee (for a right-hander), pick up the ball, repeat. You can also do this sitting in a chair, then dribble once in place with the left hand, crossover dribble to the right and pick up the ball in front of the strong-side knee.

For a right-hander shooting off the dribble to his strong side, create some space away from the defender and jump behind the ball to align it with the shooting-side knee, the footwork is right, left, jump stop (left pivot foot). Going to the weakside (left), he has further to go to jump behind the ball and align it with the shooting side knee (the footwork is still right, left, jump stop). It helps if he can use a second dribble to crossover to his shooting-side knee, the footwork is the same.

1) Moves from the elbow (work both sides)

Starting from the block, spin (or shoot) a pass to the elbow, catch with your back to the basket in a 1-2 stop (inside pivot), pivot middle (you are closely guarded), shot fake, then

- shoot
- crossover and drive to the basket with the outside hand
- crossover, pullback crossover, drive middle to the rim
- one-dribble step-back (inside-hand dribble)
- crossover step, shoot a leaner (no dribble)
- shot fake, crossover, one-dribble bank shot from a 45-degree angle
- crossover, step-back bank shot.

A shot fake is a shot not taken, it looks like a shot.

For a crossover pull-up going left, a right hander can use 1 or 2 dribbles, the footwork is R-L-jump stop (see above). For a crossover pull-up going right, however, the demonstrator in the video uses L-jump stop footwork, with one dribble. This is not discussed.

2) Moves from the wing

Spin a pass from the block to the wing, 1-2 stop (inside pivot), pivot middle, shot fake, then

- two dribbles middle to the elbow, shoot (pick and roll)
- drive middle, step back, shoot
- drive middle, step back, drive to the hole, finish with a baby hook on the other side, a reverse layup, or a runner
- drive middle for a runner (get a foot in the lane, a runner is a layup further out, don't float forward, optionally shoot with the left hand when dribbling left)
- drive middle, reverse dribble, dribble down the lane for a bank hook shot
- drive baseline (crossover), jump shot from a bank angle or short corner (one or two dribbles)
- drive baseline, step back
- drive baseline, reverse dribble middle, bank shot.

3) Moves from the corner

Spin or shoot a pass from the block, jump behind with an inside pivot foot (pivot away from the baseline), shot fake, then.

- one dribble middle, hook shot
- drive baseline (crossover), one or two dribbles, reverse layup.

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