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Cross the lane

Canada Basketball Technical Manual

Two lines, 2 makes a change of direction move (v-cut), cuts to the top of the circle for a pass from 1, makes a crossover move and finishes with an outside-inside power layup or a jump shot.

In a game, 2's defender is overplaying.

1 goes next, cutting on eye contact with 4.

2 changes lines.
- power-layup counters e.g. spin away, up and under
- one dribble from behind the arc
- other finishes, e.g. reverse layup, inside-hand, goofy-foot, one-hand pick-up, spin, pro hop, Euro step, floater.
Chris Oliver - How to teach the back pivot (YouTube)
- back pivot (front pivot on the back foot - Nash)
- back pivot, step middle to finish (goofy foot)
- back pivot, step thru (counter - spin back)
- back pivot, reverse pivot (counter - spin back)
- back pivot, fake reverse pivot.


- catch the ball on the outside foot and curl to the basket (catch and go, crossover with the inside foot), the defender is trailing

- coach is a defender, read whether to crossover or curl

- live 1-on-1 (coach is the passer)

- use this cut to start a 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 situation, creating a one-second advantage for the offence

- practice cuts from the corner to the wing (blast cuts).
DJ Sackmann - Finishing footwork - a power finish is outside-inside, skip off the inside foot, options to finish
- outside hand
- inside hand, underhand
- floater.
(Use the same footwork for a split move attacking middle, finishing with the inside hand.)
PGC - 3 ways to finish - floater, pivot out into a shot, pivot out to a shot fake and step-thru.
Augie Johnston - 360 pivot - step out, step thru, spin back.
Damin Altizer - Pound pivot separation finish - step outside inside with pound dribble, pivot away (spin) into a shot off two feet or one foot (fadeaway).

See Layups - Kiwi cutting, Blast cuts, Shooting - Pasquali reaction, Tom Crean fill cuts, Dribbling - 5star triple b.up

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