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Dribble and shoot

Two teams, 2-3 balls each. The first player on each team dribbles out through a cone course then back for a layup or pull-up shot, rebounds, and passes to a teammate. The second player goes when the first reaches the last cone. First team to 11 baskets, switch sides. Vary the slalom course (two options are shown), can go fullcourt, or use both ends with four teams.

Damin Altizer - Steph Curry range game - dribble from the baseline around a cone, shoot off the dribble (1-2 inside-outside footwork), make 7 in a row, shoot from the next cone further away from the basket, continue.

See Dribbling - Halfcourt drives, Fullcourt zig-zag, Shooting - Florida dribble series, 4-team pull-ups, 5star triangle, also Catch and shoot.


- 3-point pull-ups
- primary moves (inside-out, hesitation) outside cones
- hesitation (freeze) pull-ups
- one-dribble to change-of-direction moves (secondary moves), or primary-secondary
- change-of-direction pull-ups (can use a cone at the top of the key)
- spin move counter
- double-move pull-ups (e.g. between-cross, between-behind)
- triple moves, triple-move pull-ups
- stepbacks, crossover stepbacks
- drag pullbacks.

See Dribbling - Calipari warm-up, Tauer halfcourt, Speed course, Shooting - Guard workout, 5star triangle.

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