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Noah Basketball

Noah Basketball (YouTube)
a) 5-spot
g) Seattle

a) 5-spot

See YouTube video - 5-spot shooting.

At the beginning of every practice. 4 minutes, 3 players with 2 balls at each basket, 5 spots, make 10 from each spot then as many as you can from the middle.

(The 10 makes from the middle are at the basket with the Noah system, all players rotate one basket when the Noah group makes 10)

See Shooting - Walberg 5-spot.up

b) Rapid fire

See YouTube video - Rapid-fire shooting.

3 players with 2 balls at each basket, one player shoots for 1 minute, the goal is 15 makes working all the way around the arc. Switch the shooter.

Every day after 5-spot shooting.
John Belein - two rebounders with two balls, the shooter goes left to right around the arc for 25 seconds, should get about 12 shots, must make 6 to be a green-light shooter.
Jordan Lawley - 4-minute drill (YouTube) - make as many 3s as you can in 4 minutes (one ball with rebounders, move around the arc).

See Shooting - Quick release, Florida 3 players, NMH.up

c) Sprint

See YouTube video - Sprint shooting.

One team on each baseline with two balls (only one team shown), the first player in line sprints to touch the jump circle (not shown), sprints back, catches left-right into a shot, the passer goes next. First team to make 5.

- touch halfcourt
- one or two players start at halfcourt.

See Shooting - Mike Procopio warm-up, Tauer on the move, Fast break.up

d) Rip-through

See YouTube video - Rip-through drill.

A progression, catch low (behind the 3-point line), shot fake, rip through right, one-dribble pull-up.

Don't take it wide, shoot inside a cone on the foul line.

(Progression - rip through left)

See Shooting - Tauer triple-threat.up

e) Sprint-pivot-slide

See YouTube video - Sprint, Pivot, Slide and Shoot.

Instead of running to the circle, run to a cone out towards the sideline, jump stop, reverse pivot, slide to the mid-line, sprint and step into a shot.

(Progression - change sides)

See Shooting - Closeout-slide.up

f) Transition pull-ups

See YouTube video - Transition shooting.

Each team has one ball.

1 self rebounds and outlets to 2 who passes to 3 at halfcourt, 1 and 2 follow their passes, 3 drives middle with his left hand, goes between the legs, attacks and takes a pull-up jump shot at the foul line, 5 will rebound and outlet to 4, 3 is the next rebounder after 5.


- behind the back
- spin dribble
- combo moves

(Other progressions)

- change sides
- two balls at each end.

See Shooting - 4-team pull-ups, Dribble and shoot.

g) Seattle

See YouTube video - Seattle shooting.

Fullcourt, use 6 baskets, two players at each basket with one ball.

The first player shoots, rebounds, passes to the second player, and rotates one basket clockwise, first running to the middle jump circle (for clarity, shown only for players 3 and 4).

The second player at each basket shoots, rebounds, passes to the player who is arriving from another basket, runs to the middle and rotates one basket clockwise (shown for 7).

Switch to counter-clockwise after 2 minutes, go for 4 minutes.

(Use less baskets with fewer players)

See Shooting - Ironman, Machine gun, Layups - Starburst pairs.up

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