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Press breaks
2-1-2 (2-2-1)

A 2-1-2 press break set, with a 2-2-1 variation to stretch the defence.
See Press breaks - Frankston KISS, Atkins Regular, Old Dominion Regular, Hackenberg 2-up, Michael Lynch.

a) 2-1-2

A simple 2-1-2 set against a containing press that does not contest an inbounds pass, e.g. a 2-2-1.

5 is in the middle. On an inbounds pass to 1, 4 spaces away behind ball level, 2 and 3 stretch the defence, form a box around 5.

Matt Hackenberg - Glen Oak 4-Out Fast Break - against soft pressure, come back to the ball to form a 2-1-2 out of primary break. 1 wants to catch above the foul-line extended (out of the dead zone), 5 gets to the middle of the zone. 4 inbounds quickly and stays behind the ball. 2 and 3 need to get depth first and then time cuts coming back to the ball. 1 should pitch ahead to 2 or 3 if he can.
Michael Lynch - Breaking Zone Presses - a stretch alignment with 3 in the frontcourt forces the back player of the press to cover both sidelines, and a longer reversal pass to 4 forces rotations.
If 1 is denied, 5 can flash to the ball (Hoop Tactics), or 1 cuts across the foul line (Middle).

1 looks for 5 in the middle.

Don Kelbick - 5 looks opposite to 3 to create numbers.

Bill Self - on a pass to the middle, the trailer runs wide opposite, the passer becomes the new trailer (shown).

See Press breaks - Bill Self 1-3-1.

On ball reversal, 4 looks to take it on the dribble and/or pass.

Shaka Smart - 4 advances the ball, 3 is ready to come back and meet the ball.

Blaine Taylor - 4 looks to zip it up the sideline to 3.

Brian Giorgis - 3 comes back for a pass.

Hackenberg - on reversal passes we need to read spacing and test edges with the dribble.
Lynch - 4 looks up the sideline, middle (in the backcourt), skip pass to 2, and a dribble-over option will be available more often with a stretch alignment.

See Press breaks - Shaka Smart, Old Dominion Trap "O", Giorgis 22 vs 2-2-1.

On any pass to 3 or 2, 5 dives to the rim, get into the offensive set.

Blaine Taylor - 5 and 2 break as the pass is in the air, 1 sneaks behind for a 3-point shot. The result is four-around-one.

Hackenberg - anytime the ball is passed over 5's head, he needs to dive to the rim.

See Press breaks - Ashbury halfcourt.

b) 2-2-1 set

To stretch the defence, 5 goes deep on the inbounds pass and stays opposite the ball, 1-2-3-4 still form a box, the result is a 2-2-1 set, leaving open the middle of the floor.

See WABC - Purposeful Movement Against Fullcourt Zone Pressure.

Option - 5 goes deep to start.

If overplayed, 1 can cut across the foul line or cut up the middle.

See Press breaks - 1-Up, also In the flow.

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