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Press breaks
Hackenberg 2-up

Matt Hackenberg

See 2-Up Press Breaker (YouTube), Glen Oak Press Break.
5) Go

Automatically get into the 2-up press breaker anytime they see hard pressure, i.e., the defence has a man on the inbounder or is denying an inbounds pass.

It works well against hard or soft zone pressure as well as man pressure.

1 and 2 line up at the elbows and pop out to get open, or cross-screen.

See Press breaks - Old Dominion regular, Canada Basketball, Falcon, also Xavier (2-Up), Double middle, Hofstra, Atkins Regular.

1) Zone pressure


1 and 2 can just pop out to catch an entry pass, as cross-screening a zone does not help them get open.

Don't enter to a coffin corner.

On an inbounds pass to 2, 1 cuts to the middle, 3 and 5 start to stretch upcourt, 4 steps inbounds for ball reversal (always behind the ball), forming a 2-1-2.

Catch and look upcourt (try to hit 1 in the middle), explore the edge on the dribble, or reverse the ball to the inbounder.

See Press breaks - Frankston KISS, Atkins Regular.

On ball reversal to 4, 5 goes deep, 1 cuts to the sideline, 3 cuts to the middle (windshield wiper cuts).

All cuts need to be to soft spots against zones.

See Press breaks - Shaka Smart.
Hostra (Blue) - 1 cuts sideline, 3 holds.
(Numerous possessions in the video look like a 2-1-2 set, without windshield wiper cuts, see Soft pressure.)

b) Sideline flash entry

They really like this against diamond (1-2-1-1) pressure, flash the strong-side sideline from behind the zone to avoid the initial trap and then flood cutters into the middle, cut to form a 2-1-2 alignment.

Here 3 flashes, on an inbounds pass, strong-side guard 2 cuts to the sideline near halfcourt, weakside guard 1 fills the middle.

3 is the primary option against a diamond press (against man, he should wait to see if the guards get open, see below).

As an emergency entry, 4 runs the baseline and 5 flashes back.

See Press breaks - Bill Self 1-3-1, Double middle.up

2) Man pressure

Against man to man pressure, a cross-screen and roll back is the primary method of attack (or rub, or fake screen).

If 1 isn't open, 4 looks for 2 breaking open or sealing after screening.

All they want to do is inbound the ball, get it to the best ballhandler, then make a slow clear-out.

Into a 2-1-2 on the inbounds pass.

Windshield-wiper cuts on ball reversal, 3 goes deep.
(Variation) - send 5 deep, 1 and 3 hold.
See Press breaks - Duke vs 1-2-1-1, Bill Self 1-3-1.

Against man pressure, the players at halfcourt are safety blankets, if the ball can't be inbounded they are free to slash up the sideline.

At 7:04 of the video, 3 flashes, then 5.

Optionally make a direct inbounds pass to second-level attackers 3 or 5.

A flash can be to the middle, inside 1 and 2.

At 6:20, 2 and 1 cross-screen and split wide, 5 flashes for the inbounds pass.
See Press breaks - Old Dominion regular, Canada Basketball, Hofstra (Blue, option 4), Falcon, also Xavier (2-Up).

1 and 2 break up the sidelines, the inbounder cuts up the middle (and gets a handback from 5).up

3) Soft pressure

Soft pressure includes a 2-2-1 or 1-2-2 zone.

Concepts remain the same, inbound the ball, form a 2-1-2.

The reversal pass can be made to roll the press back multiple times before attacking upcourt.

The reversal pass is great because it causes the zone to shift, which presents opportunities to attack upcourt with the pass or dribble while the defence is shifting.

If there is no pass, test the edge with the dribble, you can't stand there with the ball over your head, you need to engage the defence, and always have the reversal pass if you get into trouble against a soft press.
Glen Oak 4-Out Fast Break - against soft pressure, come back to the ball to form a 2-1-2 out of the primary fast break, with 5 in the middle.

See Press breaks - Old Dominion Regular, Frankston KISS, Atkins Regular.up

4) Streak

The inbounder sprints to the middle, this works great against aggressive diamond presses but is a higher risk strategy. If the player that gets the inbounds pass can handle the first trap there are a lot of options to make the defence pay.

See Press breaks - Hofstra (White), 5star (Spots).up

5) Go

3 and 5 flash back, 2 fakes like he is screening for 1 then breaks deep.

See Press breaks - LSU specials (One down), Falcon (Atom), Bill Self (Special 2), also Old Dominion line (Lumberjack), Rick Majerus (Flyer).

On an inbounds pass to 3, 1 cuts sideline and 5 cuts middle.up

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