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Press breaks
Double Middle

Mike McNeill

Can be used to attack any kind of press immediately.

4 usually inbounds, but use 1 to have another ballhandler in the 1, 2 and 4 positions.

1 and 2 stack and break opposite, screen for each other and break opposite, or one player breaks and the other stays in the middle. 4 does not pass to 1 or 2 if he can't make the pass inside the arc and above the first rebounding lane.

Always have someone side, middle and back when the ball is on the side, and on each side and in the middle when the ball is in the middle of the court.

On the pass to 1, 2 cuts up the middle. 4 takes one big step inbounds towards the ball and outside the lane. After a pass from 1 to 2, look to attack off the dribble, 3 and 5 stay wide until the ball crosses centre.

If the inbounds pass goes to 2, 1 cuts up the middle.

If 1 passes to 3, 2 cuts to the sideline and 1 cuts up the middle.

Reversal to 4 then 5 if 2 and 3 aren't open. As 5 gets the ball, 2 cuts to the sideline and then 1 to the middle (double middle). On a pass to 2, attack on the dribble.
See Press breaks - LSU set.

Double middle action on an inbounds pass to 3, and 5 goes upcourt. The pass to 3 is preferred if the press looks to trap the first pass (an on-ball press).
See Press breaks - Bill Self 1-3-1.

If 1, 2 and 3 aren't open, 4 runs the baseline to pass to 5 breaking back to the ball. 4 can fake running the baseline and come back to 3.

Double middle action on the inbounds pass to 5.

Inbound the ball to 1 (or 2) against an off-ball press (2-2-1 or 1-2-2). Often 1 will inbound, bring 3 back with 2 and send 4 deep.

2 breaks diagonally to the middle of the floor behind the second-row defenders, usually the other side of centre. 3 and 5 move up the floor to force defenders to cover deep.

As 1 dribbles upcourt, 2 circles back to the ball, 3 comes back to the ball along the sideline but must have proper timing, 4 stays behind the ball, 5 goes deep on the other sideline.

If 1 passes the ball back to 4 then 4 immediately looks to 5 breaking back to the ball. When 5 receives the pass we are again in the double middle attack, with 2 breaking diagonally and 1 replacing 2 in the middle. 3 stays wide and deep on the weakside. If the 4 to 5 pass crosses centre 4 must sprint over centre.up

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