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Press breaks
Atkins Regular (2-1-2)

Ken Atkins

Use quick inbounding (before the ball bounces) to beat the press before it gets started. Inbounder 4 looks to 3 then 1, 2, and 5. 1 and 2 do not catch the ball too close to the baseline.

On a dead-ball (or when the press-break organizes too slowly after a made basket), 1 stacks 5-8 feet behind 2 in the centre of the court. 2 screens for 1 against a man press, against a zone press they break opposite into the regular set.

Against a man press, clear out on a pass to 1.

Against a zone press, 2 cuts to the middle, 4 moves in opposite and behind the ball, creating a 2-1-2 set. If 1 is under a lot of pressure, weakside 5 may need to break back up the sideline between 2 and 4, and 3 may also need to break back. Otherwise the two deep players remain ahead of the middle player, with 5 on a long diagonal from the ball.

On an inbounds pass to 2, 1 would cut to the middle.

Against a zone press, get the ball to the middle of the floor. The middle player meets the pass (runs through the ball), turns and faces, does not dribble until evaluating available passes.
See Press breaks - Frankston KISS.

If a pass to 1 and 2 are denied, 5 yells "middle", 2 cuts to the middle and 5 comes back along the sideline.

On the inbounds pass to 5, 2 cuts to the ballside sideline and 1 cuts to the middle.

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