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Press breaks
Ashbury halfcourt

Ian MacKinnon

4 inbounds the ball then bumps 5 from the middle opposite the ball, 3 comes back as the reversal option.
See Press breaks - Middle, Halfcourt basics.

5 is the long option, on a pass to 3 he comes back to the ball, 2 goes long opposite, 4 stays in the middle. 3 can skip it back to 1, behind ball level.
Billy Donovan - against a halfcourt trap, always change sides of the floor before the halfcourt line.

Tom Crean - against a 1-3-1, be in a 2-1-2 set and engage the big at the centre by having your strongest guard sit on his thighs looking for the ball, then turn and look opposite on every catch.

breakthroughbasketball.com - facing a halfcourt trap, it's important to reverse the ball a few times until you can advance it to a safe spot.

A pass to 5 is an attacking pass.
(Options - 2 or 1 replaces 4 at the high post)
Use a 1-3-1 set against an even-front zone.
See Press breaks - Middle, halfcourt Atkins, Park View High.

Variation - 5 stays in the middle, 4 trails.

Ball reversal.
The 2-1-2 set can also be used against 3/4-court pressure with 5 starting at halfcourt, see Giorgis orange vs. 1-3-1, also Old Dominion Trap O.

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