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Press breaks
In the flow

This press break stays on the attack in the flow of the offence, keeping the middle open. 5 goes deep (or goes to halfcourt, then goes deep on an inbounds pass to someone else).

Duke - 5 only goes to about halfcourt until the ball is inbounded, they might have to pass to him.

See Press breaks - Versoix, 5star, Duke vs 1-2-1-1.

a) Inbounds pass to 1

1 gets to the outlet spot, or posts in front of the ball.

On the inbounds pass, 2 and 3 go upcourt, 1 can push the ball, 4 stays behind ball level.

Don Kelbick - spacing is critical to beating pressure, the first step in spacing is to create 3 vertical lanes, then there is one simple rule, do not cross lanes with the dribble. The first option is to dribble up the sideline, the second option is a long (vertical) pass over the top (to 2).

On a pass to the trailer, 3 breaks back, then goes upcourt if 4 pushes the ball, 1 trails behind ball level.

If 4 reverses the ball to 3 (who meets the pass), 1 cuts up the right sideline (keeping the middle open), 2 changes sides upcourt to replace 3 (floor balance).

4 stays behind ball level.
Will Rey - 4 is behind the ball on a 45-degree angle, ballside.

b) Bypass 2

If denied, 1 circle cuts, spins or backcuts middle, 2 flashes back to replace 1.

On an inbounds pass to 2, 1 replaces 2 up the ballside sideline.

1 and 2 flip-flop roles, 2 is now the point guard, and pushes the ball with all the same options
Variation - cuts across the foul line when denied, see Clear-out for 2 below, and Press Break - Middle.

On ball reversal to 3, 2 goes up the sideline, 1 changes sides.

c) Bypass 3

4 runs behind the baseline (e.g. if 1 gets in the way of a pass to 2), 3 gets the inbounds pass, 1 replaces 3.

Ball reversal to 2.


a) Slice middle on ball reversal

On ball reversal to 2, 1 stays, 3 slices up the middle looking for a pass, then replaces 2 up the sideline.

b) Clear-out for 2

To clear one side for 2, have 1 cut across the foul line to the weakside.

Ball reversal would be to 1, the primary ballhandler, with floor balance.

To stay in the offensive flow, have 3 change sides upcourt.
See Press breaks - Middle, Ashbury fullcourt.

c) 5 middle

5 comes back into the middle of the press offence, 2 and 3 go upcourt on an inbounds pass to 1.

Perimeter rotations are basically the same except that 2 can go long middle on a pass to 4 before coming ballside on a pass to 3.

See Press break - Middle.

d) Bypass 5

1 is denied, 5 breaks to the ball and 1 cuts up the middle, 4 looks for 1 long and optionally cuts for a hand-back on an inbounds pass to 5.

2 and 3 break back if 5 and 1 are denied, 1 breaks to the ballside sideline on an inbounds pass to 2 or 3, 5 clears long, or gets to the middle of the press offence.

See Press breaks - Hoop Tactics, Ashbury fullcourt (Bypass with 5).

Flyer 11 - 2 and 3 break back when 1 takes off, see Versoix specials (Flyer 1).

Flyer 22 - 1 cuts across the foul line, 5 comes to the ball, 2 breaks back then goes long, see Ashbury fullcourt (Inbounds pass to 5).

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