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Press breaks

This press break flows out of the fast break, with only 1 in the backcourt.

5 goes deep, 2 and 3 are on the sidelines, 1 gets to the sideline outlet spot.

See Press breaks - Xavier (1-up), Shaka Smart, Versoix, Simple vs. 1-2-1-1.

Option - against a zone press, 5 only goes to halfcourt until the inbounds pass, see Duke vs. 1-2-1-1, also 2-1-2.

Coach Mac - some coaches like the fifth player to be diagonal, others prefer them to be deep.

See How to Break a Fullcourt Press.

On an inbounds pass to 1, 3 cuts short middle.

2 can stretch looking for a pass over the top.

5 stays opposite the ball.

Bill Self - 5 moves opposite the ball, allowing a three-man attack on a pass to 2 or 3.

See Press breaks - Middle, Bill Self 1-3-1, Simple vs. 1-2-1-1.
Variation - 4 spaces weakside, see Shaka Smart.

Variation - 3 stays wide, 1 or 4 can attack up the middle.

See Press breaks - In the flow,
2-1-2 (2-2-1 variation).

On a pass to the middle, the trailer runs wide opposite, the passer becomes the new trailer (Bill Self).

Don Kelbick - 3 looks opposite to 5 to create numbers.

On ball reversal to trailer 4, 3 cuts back to the sideline, 2 goes short middle.

On a pass to 3, 2 goes ballside sideline, 1 slashes middle, 5 moves opposite the ball.

Brian Giorgis - this is the action he likes, a point guard with the ball in the middle of the floor.

See Press breaks - Duke vs. 1-2-1-1, Giorgis regular.
If 3 is well up the sideline in the frontcourt, just get into 4-out 1-in spacing (2 does not cut to the sideline), see Shaka Smart, Ashbury halfcourt.

Options if 1 is overplayed.


1 makes a circle cut or backcut, cuts up the middle, 2 and 3 break back to the ball if there is no pass.

4 can run the baseline after a made basket.
Bruce Pearl - 1 pops out as soon as the ball goes through the net, no closer than foul-line extended, makes an inside turn. If denied, he makes a circle-back move inside his defender.

coachesclipboard.ca - 1 creates space with a misdirect cut (goes vertical) then makes a Steve Nash circle cut back to the ball in front of a defender (for a control pass), or a back cut away from the ball (an attack pass).
Mike MacKay - 1 runs a tight circle cut.
Jay Triano - 1 gets his butt to the sideline, can come back to the ball if pressured, otherwise start going up the floor for a lead pass.
See Fast break - Tennessee 4 on 0 5 on 0, 1 (secondary), Fast breaks - North Carolina, Press breaks - Hoop Tactics.

On an inbounds pass to 2, 1 cuts to the ballside sideline, 3 flashes short middle.

Run the system from there.


1 runs through weakside if overplayed, 2 breaks back.

See Press breaks - Middle.

2 slashes middle on an inbounds pass to 1, run the press break.

On an inbounds pass to 2, 3 cuts sideline to sideline, 1 slashes middle, run the press break.

3 flashes middle if 2 is denied, 1 and 2 cut up the sidelines on an inbounds pass to 3, who can make a return pass to 4.

This gives a third inbounds option against overplay, and can be a called play ("3-up").

Variation - 2 goes long when denied, look for a pass over the top.

See Press breaks - Hofstra (Blue), also
Xavier (2-Up).

c) Shortstop

If X4 double-teams 1 when the ball is still out of bounds, 1 moves down to the corner dragging the two defenders, 3 flashes to the ball, unguarded 4 inbounds and breaks wide upcourt looking for a return pass.

Mario Blasone - if 3 cuts and is denied he should screen up for 2 to flash to the ball.

See Press breaks - Ashbury.up

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