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Fast break
Tennessee 4 on 0, 5 on 0

Bruce Pearl

4 on 0

Coach shoots and scores. 4 is the designated inbounder, he gets the ball with two hands before it bounces, steps out, and clears the backboard as fast as he can. The point guard starts at the elbow and pops out no closer than the foul-line extended, makes an inside turn for the inbounds pass (never turns his back on the floor), advance passes to 2 or 3, who shoot or drive, play to a score, jog back outside. The next group goes.
See Fast break - 3-man breakout.

Progression - add a defender on 1 who denies the inbounds pass. 1 makes a circle back move inside X1 for a lead or bounce pass (1 will sometimes fake and go upcourt).
Dave Arseneault - Fast Break - 1 tries to loop across the lane from weakside to ballside and receive the inbounds pass with a head of steam. If he doesn't get a pass, 3 comes straight back for a cross-court bounce pass then hits 1 in the middle of the floor.

5 on 0

Add rim runner 5, get three guys to the baseline fast. After coach shoots and scores, inbound the ball, go up and back. Progressions are

a) 1 passes to 5, or advance passes to 2 or 3 who pass to 5
b) 1 advance passes to 2 or 3, who shoot, drive, or pass inside to 5

c) 4 sets a transition ballscreen for 1, picks and pops, 5 "points" (follows the ball across the lane). If 1 passes to 4, 4 can dribble hand-off with 2 (circle back). 1 can also dribble hand-off with 3.

d) 1 advance passes to 2 or 3, who pass to trailer 4 for a shot, drive, or circle back (dribble hand-off).

Tennessee runs on a make or miss. The middle portion of the offence is continuity flex, which is simple and gets shots for the best players. At the end of the shot clock, run a ballscreen or special, coach is in control.
Option - keep score, see Fast break - Tar Heels 5 on 0, Shooting - Tennessee - 4-man break.

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