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Fast break
3-man breakout

Coach shoots, three players rebound, the rebounder outlets to point guard 1 (who calls for the outlet), the other two players fill the wings, the rebounder trails (option - and rebounds at the other end), 1 takes one-two dribbles, passes to a wing who passes up the floor (take the ball to the rim), then 1 returns to get the outlet for the next group.


- add a defender on the rebounder (may need a breakout dribble)
- add a defender on the outlet (slight challenge, not 100%).
(Other variations - coach self rebounds and outlets ballside to 1, 2-3-4 fill the wings and rim run, with no trailer, or send off one player and fill only two lanes)
See Fast break - Tennessee 4 on 0, 5 on 0.

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