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Pro Training workout #6

Pro Training (YouTube)

More double moves and retreat dribbling.

See YouTube video - Pro Training workout #6, also Dribbling - Pro Training workout #5, workout #4.

1) Stationary

20 reps each, 2 sets.

a) V-dribble series

Right hand then left hand, front v-dribble into

- double crossover
- double take (between and back under)
- double between the legs
- double behind the back.

b) Continuous double moves

Start right hand then left hand,

- between cross
- between behind.

See Dribbling - Hanlen stationary, Shooting - Guard workout.

2) Combo moves to halfcourt (and back)

Start from the baseline with the right hand, go to halfcourt and back with continuous between-cross moves, take a short, choppy step with each move. Progressions

- between-cross starting with the left hand
- between-behind, starting with the right hand then left hand.

2 sets.

3) Retreat to wing and finish

Start on the elbow facing the baseline, take 2-3 retreat dribbles with the outside hand to the wing, make a double move and finish at the rim, the moves are

- between cross
- between behind.

5 makes each at both wings.


- double take
- double behind.

4) Combo-move retreat drill

3 reps each, both sides.

3 cones, start out top, attack the cone on the right, retreat dribble back to the top, make a between-cross double move.

Repeat (attack, retreat, double move), explode to the basket and finish.

Repeat using a between-behind double move.

(Progression - pull-up jump shots)

5) Stationary combo-move jumpers

24 total makes.

From the right wing, start with the ball in the outside hand, make a continuous between-cross move 3 times and shoot, make 3, progression - between-behind, make 3.

Repeat on the left wing, and from the top (starting with the right hand then left hand).

See Shooting - Adam Filippi (ball-quick drills), Fundamentals - Keys to shooting (pound stuff).

6) Combo-move pull-ups

24 total makes.

3 cones, start at halfcourt, ball in the outside hand,

- make a between-cross double move into a pull-up, make 3
- make a between-behind move, make 3.

Repeat on the other wing (outside hand), and from the top (6 makes starting with the right hand, then with the left hand).

(Progressions - other double moves, e.g. double takes, double behind)

See Dribbling - Pro Training workout #5 (Double moves to a reverse layup).

End the workout with at 20 made free throws.

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