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Pro Training workout #8

Pro Training workout #8  (YouTube)

Finishing (fundamentals), triple threat.

1) Ball-roll square-ups

Toss out a ball from the baseline, follow, catch in triple threat, reverse pivot 180 degrees (he uses the left foot), shot fake, pass fake, jab step, reverse pivot 180 degrees on the same foot and repeat the fakes, then toss out and continue to halfcourt and back, twice.

See Footwork - Fullcourt pivoting, Bigelow pivoting.

2) Triple threat explode

One set each. Start on the baseline, shot fake, explode out with one dribble, jump stop into triple threat, continue to halfcourt and back, progressions

- jab step (jab and cross)
- jab step shot fake
- shot fake jab step (jab and cross).

See Footwork - Ganon Baker jump stop series, Static pivoting and moves.up

3) Mikan drill

20 makes each, facing the basket, outside hand finish,

- off one foot (inside foot)
- power layup off two feet (an inside-outside 1-2 step, not a jump stop).

See Post play - Mikans, Layups - Pro Training workout #9.up

4) Layup footwork

5 makes each. From the right side,

- take one step (left foot), explode for a layup
- back up, take two steps (R-L), layup
- back up, take three steps (L-R-L) with one right-hand dribble, layup
- triple-threat layup from the right wing,

Repeat on the left side for 40 total makes.

See Layups - Form layups.up

5) Jump stop layups

Make 10 each. From the foul line, shot fake, go right for a jump-stop layup, make 10, progressions

- shot fake, go left
- jab step (left), go right
- jab step (left), go left.up

6) Triple threat finishes

5 makes each, 2 sets. From the right wing, shot fake, explode with the right hand for a right-hand layup, make 5.
Progression - jab step (left), attack right (jab and cross).

Repeat from the left wing for 20 total makes, then another set.up

7) 5-spot layups

5 makes each hand, 2 sets.

Start under the basket, dribble out to the right corner and back with the right hand, finish with a right-hand layup (the left hand never touches the ball), on a make move clockwise, do the same thing at the right wing, top, left wing, left corner.

Repeat coming back counter-clockwise, dribbling and finishing with the left hand.

Have more advanced players make 5 in a row, start over on a miss.

See Layups - Pro Training workout #9, Shooting - 5-spot series, Triano 7-spot workout (Layups off the dribble), Dribbling - Pro Training workout #5 (3 forward, 1 back).

End the workout with at least 20 made free throws.up

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